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    Field Scheduling

    Intuitive click and drag allows coaches to quickly find and book an available time slot.

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    Field Coordinators

    Limit and control resource usage with a flexible quota system.

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    Sports Team Management

    Unlimited number of schedules, resources, users, reservations for one low yearly price.

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Field coordinators know how hectic it can be
to keep field schedules current and correct.

If you are a field coordinator, you know how hectic it can be to keep your field schedule current and correct. Whether you have your own fields or rent fields for your program, your goal is to make sure the fields are used and not double booked. is field scheduling software designed to manage your field schedules.

Forget about Double Booking
Ever had multiple teams show up at the same time to use one field? With you’ll never have to worry about double booking a field again! is an online calendar specifically designed for soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and softball field coordinators to manage field times and availability.

Take Control
Forget stacks of papers and clipboards with outlines of fields with ✓ marks and x’s scribbled all over. Forget endless phone calls or emails asking about availability. is designed to help field coordinators take control.

Easy Access for you and Coaches
Plus, since it’s online your coaches can book their own times! Here are some pluses that will make your most valuable tool!

• Coach Access: Imagine coaches being able to schedule their own field times for practices!
• Online Calendar: Imagine having your field calendar availability online and always accessible!
• Eliminates Conflicts: Imagine never worrying about double booking a field again!
• Auto Reminder: Imagine a system that sends out notifications and reminders!
• Complete Control: All scheduling and activity is done according to the rules you set in place!

Things just got easier just made field management easier to handle! We know that many organizations rely on volunteers. Time is at a premium. That’s why we designed a web‐based program to make it easy to manage your field times and their availability.

Key Features

• Click and drag scheduling
• Unlimited fields, reservations, and accounts
• Organize users and limit access by groups
• Powerful reporting system
• Easy to use administrative tools
• Web-based, nothing to install
• Custom reservation fields available
• Limit field usage with a flexible quota system
• Reminders and notifications
• Customized with your logo

Field Coordinators - forget endless phone calls or emails asking about availability!


Login screen

Login screen is customized with your club name, logo, and color. The View Schedule link shows all fields and availability at a glance. If a user forgets their password, the system can reset it for them.

User dashboard

After login, the user's dashboard is displayed showing system announcements and upcoming reservations.

Making a reservation

Reserving a field is as easy as selecting the timeslots desired.

Resource configuration options

Admin: Some of the configuration options available for each field.

User management options

Admin: User management options: Create users, limit field access by groups, inactivate users, review user's reservations.

Quota options

Admin: Quota options: Limit reservations by user group, by fields, or by how long a reservation can be.

Reporting options

Admin: Reporting options: Generate and export information using standard built-in reports, or by creating your own custom reports.

lacrosse theme soccer theme baseball theme softball theme

Themes: There are four themes to choose from, or, submit your own picture to use as your theme!

demo site

See for yourself just how easy is to use. This demo allows you to view the schedule as a public user, or to login as a coach to reserve a field. Please keep in mind - other people may be using the demo site at the same time as you which can result in unexpected things happening.

To view a public schedule: View Public Schedule

To login as a coach to reserve a field: Demo Login Site

Username: demo
Password: password

Field Coordinators can limit and control usage with a flexible quota system!


We strongly believe in community and non-profit organizations. Our goal is to make it easy for your organization to manage and schedule your fields. We have two different packages to choose from, along with additional services to save you time.


Guarantee logo

With, you will have an intuitive user experience, and a powerful online field scheduling tool.

If you don't find easy to use within your first 30 days, we will refund your fees.


$495 one time fee
$99 per month

  • Pay only for the months the system is used.

  • User data is saved during inactive months.

  • You will initially receive two months free for system setup time.


$795 per year

  • Utilize the system year-round.

  • Two free blackout imports ($190 value).

Additional Services

The following services can be purchased anytime. In addition, your bookafield site can be further customized to meet your needs. Contact us with your requirements and we'll put together a custom quote for you.

User Import
If you send us a list of users (in the format specified by the template), we can import them into your site for you.

$49 per import

Blackout Import
If you rent or use fields, but only have them for certain periods of time, we can import those dates and times into your system for you so those are the only time periods available for booking. Likewise, if you have a game schedule you want imported, we will blackout those dates/time so you have a way of easily managing games and reschedules.

$95 per import

Custom Quote
Our goal with bookafield is to provide you with an easy to use program that will manage your fields and allow your coaches to reserve fields based on the rules you establish. If there are additional features or functionality you need from bookafield, please let us know.

Once you have your site, you will be sent a training guide to assist you in setting up your fields and users. The training videos available to you show you step by step how each feature works.

If you want additional one-on-one training we offer 45 minute training sessions which are geared to cover the topics you choose. Training is done remotely and arranged at a time that is convenient for you.

$95 per session



Discounts are available for member clubs of the following associations. Contact us for your discount purchase code!

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I have been a field scheduling coordinator for many years. Using this online scheduling program has saved me time and the coaches love it. I can't imagine going through a season without it!

—Ira Gurewitz, Park Valley United FC

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